Friday, September 10, 2010

Morituri te salutant.....Classic plastic part two!

Today is time for »panem et circenses« in the Colloseum in ancient Rome: Aurora's »Spartakus« figure kit from 1965. It was first offered in 1959 without the detailed base and some lackluster boxart. Instead of naming him on the kit as advertised on the box they kept the generic nameplate saying »Roman Gladiator, 220 A.D.«. Here is a picture by Shadowland Collectibles ( who have one for sale) of the kit pats and the original box with wonderful artwork by Mort Kunstler:

Well, after watching the terrific TV -series »Rome« from HBO and its blood soaked Gladiator episode, I decided to give him a more battle damaged look. The gory details on the base made the decision easy, the servered hand suggest a hard fight already in progress....

I found this kit, partly assembled, but practicly unpainted in a lot of build up Aurora kits. To my amazement it was complete as well....

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