Thursday, March 31, 2011

»The Aurora Monsters-The Model Craze That Gripped The World«

The annual Rondo Awards 2010 has been given away and the DVD »The Aurora Monsters-The Model Craze That Gripped The World« won »Best Documentary«. Well deserved in my opinion (in fact I voted for it), it's a passionate tribute to the classic AURORA Monster Kits and the talented people responsible for bringing them to life during the »Monster Craze« of the 1960s.

The documentary is written, produced and co-directed by Cortlandt Hull (who is also the man behind the wax museum called the »The Witch’s Dungeon«) and puppeteer Bill Diamond (of »Fraggles« fame). Congratulations! Their labor of love is available on DVD through his own website. Here you can see Mr. Hull with his old fiend Zenobia ....

Narrated by the legendary TV horror host Zacherly the Cool Ghoul, the highly-visual, two-hour documentary features in-depth interviews, a wax-sculpture demonstration, rare photos, sketches and promotional material related to AURORA and the »Monster Craze« of the 1960s.

The documentary features insights into the sculpting, production and marketing of the classic AURORA kits from some of the people who originally worked on them as well as memories from such fans as artist Daniel Horne, Sideshow Collectibles sculptor Mat Falls, actor/sculptor Jeff Yeagher and Moebius Models owner Frank Winspur on how the kits inspired them until today.
One highlight of the documentary is an interview with famous illustrator/artist James Bama, who created the vivid and color dripping box art for the monster model kits back then.

Now get your Paypal ready and order yours today! And the other good news is ... there is a sequel on the way already! Stay tuned!

All pictures © 2010 Cortlandt Hull/ Bill Diamond