Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stuff from the harddrive.... Part 1 of 4: Thomas Kuntz's Artomic creations

Over the Easter holidays I'll post forgotten pictures of Garage kits I found on my hard drive. Some picts good, some mediocre, some low-res, but all painted by me.

First part are kits created by Thomas Kuntz, artist extraordinaire from Los Angeles. He started making GKs in the very early 90ties, based on German silent films, including »Der Golem und wie er in die Welt kam«, »Nosferatu«, »Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari«.

He did some commercial assignments for other GK Companies in the following years (some STAR TREK TnG figures and a Lugosi as »White Zombie« among them), until he concentrated his talents to create unique automatons, with spectacular results.

He attending Resintopia Model & Statue Expo in late June this year, promising to unveil a new Garage kit for sale. You can see ( and buy) his works of art here on his website, including videos of his fantastic automatons.

First pictures are from his marvelous »Abduction 1919« kit based on »Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari«.

Great likeness to German actor Conrad Veidt as »Cesare«, the deadly sleepwalker under the spell of the Mad doctor Caligari.

It's a 1/6 scale huge resin kit that needs lot of preparation work, but it's worth it.

This is a dramatic close up of his Golem full figure kit, sporting a good likeness to actor and director Paul Wegener.

The next ones are pictures of Thomas's 1:4 scale bust of Gywnplaine, the »Man who laughs« from the silent film based on Victor Hugos novel. Again, its showing Conrad Veidt with make up by Jack Pierce. Word is, that it inspired the Joker's appearance on the Batman comic books.

Finally, again Veidt, again »Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari«, this time a single, full 1:6 scale figure.

Stay tuned for more!