Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Captain Berlin saves the day....

...and kicks some Nazi butts! This retro-style illustration is the warm-up to the "Captain Berlin vs. Hitler" DVD booklet, sporting a 8 page origin story of the "Retter der Welt" created by director Joerg Buttgereit of "Necromantik" fame. Concieved by Joerg, Levin Kurio and me it shed some light of the first entcounter of the Captain with the dictator... Style wise I tried to channel Jack Kirby (co-creator of Captain America) and used some of his action poses and mannerisms, so the obvious similarities are intentional. The basic coloration was done by Levin Kurio, I added the yellowed paper, the heavy dots and the imperfections on the line art with Photoshop. The low-res Jpeg here unfortunately kills the vintage 4-color dot effect....

More Captain Berlin coming soon!


  1. Rainer! Reminds me of the old war comic books I would buy at garage sales and flea markets as a kid--Sgt. Rock and Star Spangled War Stories. Very cool!

  2. Is this out by now? Would freaking like to buy THAT stuff!