Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Classic Plastic Part five: Aurora/ Moebius Gigantic Frankenstein

Sorry for not posting so long, the last link in a chain of events slowing me down in the past three months was breaking my right hands wrist. But I'm at least back on track in the web (while still not able to draw and paint) and delivering the last installment of my Classic Plastic series: Gigantic Frankenstein.

Once the holy grail of AURORAphiles, mainly because of the hefty pricetag back in the 60ties. For $4.95 you could buy 5 regular AURORA monster models or tons of candy. So most kids skip it, resulting in poor sales. Big Frankie disappeared quickly from the catalog and store shelves within a year and haunted the minds of Baby Boomersever since.

Demanding up to $2.000 on Ebay for a complete kit in the past decade Moebius Models finally reissued the kit in 2008 after Polar Lights passed the bucket before, making it available to modellers who couldn't afford the Original.

Build up Frankies dropped in price once the re-pop was available, but the original box is still a sought-after collectible if in pristine condition and basically impossible to find. Part of the magic is the sensational artwork by James Bama depicting Glenn Strange in the classic Karloff makeup.

Building the kit is a challenge indeed due to the size. Handling isn't easy while painting - I subassembled most of the parts and put them together after painting, but some major gaps needed putty and repainting. I removed the chain and stone, mainly because I don't like them to begin with. He is a great, humorous addition to the Frankenstein collection. So go, make a friend and build the friendliest Monster in town yourself! (You can get one here...)