Monday, February 21, 2011

The Morlocks! They're coming!

From the George Pal version of H.G. Wells »The Time Machine« comes this interpretation of the cave dwellers from the future called the »Morlocks«. This bust was sculpted by L.A. artist Russ Lukich for Squid Kits. He cleverly included the Sphinx from the movie on the back, even including the stress marks on the ground from the stolen Time Machine. Painted with acrylics using an old toothbrush for the speckles on the skin. A big »Thanks!« goes out to my pal Mike Falcigno who treated me this gem for Christmas a few years ago!


  1. Und ein wunderbarer Film den ich mir immer wieder ansehen kann - im Gegensatz zu dem völlig überflüssigen Remake!

  2. I sculpted this kit years ago. Great paintjob!

    Russ Lukich

    1. Thanks Russ, YOU did a great job sculpting this beauty. And your Barlowe Vampire bust is also terrific!