Wednesday, February 9, 2011

»I have no soul.« or Frederic March as Mr. Hyde...

»I have no soul. I'm beyond the pale. I'm one of the living dead! «
Dr. Jekyll

A few years ago the British company »Tower of London« treated the GK community with the release of a classic Jeff Yeagher sculpt: »Mr. Hyde« from the Paramount Pictures version of »Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde« from 1931. Fredric March scored an Academy award as »Best actor« in 1932 for his dual performance as the troubled scientist and his brutish alter ego.

About the model kit: It's a wonderful sculpt, an easy built and practically painted itself. I used Vallejo acrylic paints and - for the first time after a decade - airbrush. I tried more pink/reddish tones for the skin color to achieve a newborn baby look - I think with every transformation he is born again, only just a bit meaner ( and apelike ) then before...

»If you do one thing I don't approve of while I'm gone, the LEAST little thing, mind you...
I'll show you what horror means!«
Mr. Hyde

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