Sunday, May 27, 2012

Christopher Lee turns 90 today....

Happy 90th Birthday to Sir Christopher Lee, the last one of the elusive breed of Classic Horror Stars, still going strong at the movies - hopefully for many, more years to come!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stuff from the hard drive part 4 of 4: Miscellaneous...

Here is the last installment of the stuff that inhabited my hard drive. They're were all painted by me. Enjoy!

Resin Chef Godzilla 1973

Resin Chef Megalon, second version.

Billiken Predator

Billiken Cyclops, two horned version.

Dimensional Designs Kraken from »Clash of the Titans«

Glenn Strange bust by William Paquet/Gothic House Designs

Resin from the Grave Igor together with Billiken Frankenstein Monster

The above with some Photoshop added.

Mike Hill's Horror Mount Rushmore

Aurora Plastic's Phantom of the Opera

Billiken Dracula

Billiken Phantom of the Opera

Resin from the Grave Werewolf of London

Juniper Model's Diana Rigg of »The Avengers«

Needful Things Yoda