Thursday, September 26, 2013

"The Cat and the Canary" and the "Sayer of the Law" by Joe Laudati

From last years Resintopia I've got these two gems I couldn't resist, sculpted by GK-Veteran Joe Laudati. "The Cat and the Canary" and the "Sayer of the Law". the first figure comes from the silent movie classic with the same name by Paul Leni, the other kit is  Bela Lugosi as the "Sayer of the Law" from the second version of H.G. Welles "Island of lost souls". Both were released by Mickey and Mallory Models and usually available through Sassy's Satellite via Ebay. Painted with Vallejo acrylic paints and MIG enamel washes. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ray Harryhausen's Wooden Sirene from "The Golden Voyage of Sindbad"

After a long absence from building & painting (and finally getting glasses), I present you the vintage Monsters in Motion release of the classic Wooden Sirene, concieved by the immortal Ray Harryhausen. Painted with the help of Vallejo acrylics and MIG pigments/washes. 

Hope you'll like her. If not, she's going to steal your latest AFM copy.... 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

White Skin of the Black Market: Women in Cages!

 »Women in Cages« is an exploitation flick from 1971, produced by the legendary Roger Corman. This illustration, based on the movie, was done for the DVD Label Subkultur Entertainment and their line of retro-style hardbox editions. Playing around in Photoshop I created a bogus poster design using the copy/taglines of the original release poster. The illustration was painted in acrylics on paper, 2012.

Unaltered illustration 30 cm x 40 cm.

Retro package design: Good ol' VHS times....

Bogus poster design...