Sunday, March 13, 2011

Barrymore's Mister Hyde by Dedham Pond Designs

»Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde« (1920) starring John Barrymore is most celebrated silent screen version of Stevensons classic tale. Dedham Pond Designs released an very nice interpretation of Mr. Hyde based on Barrymores performance. Sculpted by Joe Simon und with boxart by yours truly. The build up used on the box art was done by Charlie Coleman. Thanks to Todd Powell for giving me the opportunity to paint this human wreck! The model is 1/8 scale and cast in resin, easy to assemble and tricky to paint (if you want to match the fancy morning coat Barrymore wore in this scene from the movie). Get yours here and learn more about this project from Todd himself. There is even more to read about Garagekits and the people who make them on his blog »Resin the Barbarian«.