Monday, April 9, 2012

Stuff from the hard drive, Part 2 of 4: Nosferatu!

Now a whole lotta Nosferatu images, one of my favourite characters and modelling subjects ever.

The first entry is Dave Grasso's first take on Max Schreck, 1:6 scale resin kit. A little Photoshop composite added based on the image Mr. Grasso used as reference.

Sculptor Jeff Yeagher used the final death scene in the movie as template for his awesome Nosferatu kit, released by the "Tower of London" company. Again, resin, 1:6 scale and a little Photoshopping.

From Great Britain comes Mooncrest Models 1:5 scale bust of Count Orlock, sculpted by Gary Hilliard.

Mike Good did this 1:5 scale bust for Jaguar Models.

My customized version of Monarch Models first release: Nosferatu! I added the hat, a few centimeters to the legs and reworked the nameplate. It's an Aurora 1:8 scale styrene plastic model kit.

Again, a ”Tower of London" release of William Paquet's terrific 1:3 scale resin bust of the count.

And finally, a bad picture of Amazing Figure Modeller Magazine's Nosferatu kit sculpted by Staffan Lindner of Sweden. 1:8 scale resin kit.

More to come!