Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wild boar of Tuscany - another tale from the dump...

This simple drawing went through various stages until the customer was finally satisfied. A fast job going awry... First they wanted just a picture of a wild boar in line art. That was all info I was given, fetched a reference Pict and came up with this:

Then I was told it was a nice try, but she had a certain boar in mind. From a special wine etiquette from Tuscany. Unfortunately she lost her last specimen. A Google search yielded only a stamp sized Giff, so this was used as reference for the next try:

Close, but no cigar. The Lady wasn't satisfied. At all. But the failure motivated her searching and finally she rediscovered the label, so I was able to match her cherished memories of wild boars in Tuscany:

I still like the first best, but anyway, I like wild boars more as Salami! Yummy!