Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monstrology Models presents: Miss Shock !!!

Here is a little, charming piece of GK-History: Monstrology Models "Miss Shock" 1:6 scale resin bust. Sculpted in the early 90ties by owner Jon Wang it was one of his first releases. By today's standards the sculpt looks a bit soft, but it has a kind of "fine art" approach I really like. Thanks to Jon and Fritz  I finally could add her to my collection.

Miss Shock was Supercollector and Hollywood apeman Bob Burns wife Kathy in gory make up; she appeared in several TV shows scaring the audiences. If you're interested I can recommend George Chastain's web site dedicated to the TV Horror hosts of the past. Don't forget to browse through his gallery filled with terrific  artwork ....Check it out here!